Dance Discussion — Happiness

How's your March going? Did you know that March 20th was International Day of Happiness? We love that there is a day dedicated to happiness around the globe, and just knowing that makes us, well, happy! Working in a dance studio should mean every day is filled with happiness — if only it was that easy, right? 

Let's talk about happiness!

Leave comments below to share your experiences and input on working toward a consistently happy work environment. We can learn from each other on how to stay happy, be reminded of what makes us happy, and see what areas need improvement in order to make our dance studios an enjoyable place for all. 

  • What makes you most happy about your job?
  • What keeps you from being more happy at work?
  • How do you check on the level of happiness among:
    • our staff — dance teachers, office staff, etc.?
    • your customers — students, parents, etc.?
  • Generally how happy is your studio? If it's a high-level, share your secrets of success or reasons why you think it stays so happy. If it's not so good, what would you want to know to help; any specific areas of concern?
  • What efforts do you have in place for keeping morale up?
  • What type of feedback do you receive when people are happy?

And remember to check back often so you can see what others are saying and keep the conversation going...

P.S. Be sure to join our conversation about hiring the right employees on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter too. A big part about attracting the right staff and having a low turnover is by creating a happy, fulfilling workplace. We think these two topics go hand-in-hand! 

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