A Note From Beverly's Desk — Summer Workshop News

Hello, everyone! 

I'm excited to share my summer workshop schedule with all of you! I must say that Lafayette, Louisiana is truly a hot destination this summer, and not just because of our warm Southern temperatures. Between renowned dance leaders like Lisa Howell and Deborah Vogel heading this way and our annual Leap 'N Learn workshops, I am looking forward to hosting some of the most brilliant dance educators at my studio. 

As you likely have seen, I'm collaborating on a new dance project — Leading Edge Dance! It's a great new style of dance conference that focuses on learning how to take care of a dancer as a whole and working safely toward optimal performances. Instead of a conference that teaches little tidbits of information and trendy choreography, LED dives into a comprehensive look at recent research and proven methods for effectively working with dancers of all ages and abilities, as well as across all styles of dance. While this isn't directly tied to Leap 'N Learn, I encourage you to check it out and consider attending!

  • July 25-27, 2014
  • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • $649/Attendee


We also have confirmed and announced two Leap 'N Learn Dance Teacher Training Workshops for June and August. You can take your pick of dates and register today

  • June 25-27, 2014 & August 6-8, 2014
  • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Free for First Two Attendees
  • $449/Each Additional Attendee

I will be leading a couple Angelina Ballerina™ trainings about the curriculum I developed around the cute little mouse too. Those will be announced soon and take place following each Leap 'N Learn workshop. So if you use that program as well or are considering starting it, you can head to Louisiana and take care of both events at once! 

Finally, I'll be heading to New York for the Dance Teacher Summit in August. If you are also heading there, be sure to come say hi at my booth and try attend my movement class. 

I can't wait to see you this summer for these events! Comment below if you have questions or to let others know which events you'll be attending. 

Happy planning, 

P.S. Please feel free to share the news about these workshops with other dance studio owners and teachers that are looking for summer training events.