Dance Discussion — Free Dance Ideas

In this short month, a lot of us have love on our minds. Whether we're planning a girl's night to show our best friends how much we appreciate them, looking forward to a romantic date and finding that perfect gift for our sweetheart, or indulging in something special (because there's no reason we can't be our own Valentine), love is in the air. And looking to little ones to see pure love and happiness can be even more adorable. That's why our February dance discussion is inspired by what our students love. 

Our students love the free dance section at the end of every Leap 'N Learn class! This part of class allows children to be creative and move freely, which helps them be more confident in expressing themselves and creating choreography as older dancers, and it's just plain fun! This provides a great opportunity for teachers to be creative too, while still following the monthly lesson plans and working within the Leap 'N Learn class structure. We think it's especially fun to hear about other free dance ideas and get new ideas to try out with our students, and we thought you all might like that too. Plus, if you're in month 6 like us, the objective of expressing emotions through movement seems fitting for the topic and month! 

So, let's share free dance ideas...

This dance discussion doesn't really need any prompts! Just comment below with your favorite free dance ideas. They can be ones directly from the LNL curriculum, LNL ideas that you've tweaked or elaborated upon, original ideas you've come up with or seen at your studio, or creative prompts you've gathered from other sources. Let us know how you brainstorm new ideas, and of course, tell us how they went over in class (stories about students are always the best.)

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! If you need a quick and easy way to give Valentines to your students, these printable ones (or these) available on Etsy go well with this month's moving like the animals! free dance exercise.