Benefits of Music

We sing lullabies to soothe a baby. A familiar song can awaken memories for a person with dementia (have you seen this beautiful documentary?). There is no denying the power of music throughout our lives.

In our early childhood dance classes, we’re honored to help lay a foundation and appreciation for music during a period of rapid developmental growth. Exposure to music training before the age of seven leads to physical changes in brain structure and function!

“Music activates every known part of the brain.”

The positive and longterm effects of music include improved listening skills, language processing, ability to regulate emotions, problem solving and even parent-child relationships. Read more.

Music is like a full-body workout for the brain. And dancing and music go hand-in-hand. Dancers of all ages need as many musical skills as possible to become better dancers. Their musical training is never-ending, just like the benefits. This combination of music and movement is naturally appealing to little ones and helps their bodies and brains get stronger.

Amanda SpellComment