It all began back in 2003 with casual conversation at Beverly’s kitchen table.  Beverly's son Joe was dating Annie, who at the time was pursuing her Master's in clinical psychology with a specialization in children and adolescents.  Beverly's background was classical ballet and she owned a dance studio.  She had been searching for the best way to teach children and had said many times, "Oh gosh, I need a degree in psychology to know what to do here!"  Well, it was over that conversation at the kitchen table that the missing link was discovered!  

Leap 'N Learn was an existing business.  In 2003 Beverly received a call from the owner asking her to take it over.  Annie and Beverly worked feverishly in 2004 to create and launch the new Leap 'N Learn curriculum with the focus on teaching dance to children based on how they process information.  Today Leap 'N Learn is a licensing program with full support, on-going education, staff training, and mentoring.  Annie is now Beverly's daughter-in-law and is the mother of her two beautiful grandsons.