Branding with Leap 'N Learn

The Leap 'N Learn brand is associated with the highest quality of dance education for children. The logo makes a promise of caring, knowledgable teachers who guide students safely as they grow and study dance. When you are a licensed Leap 'N Learn studio, you become a part of this brand and must represent the same standards. By following these guidelines, you'll benefit from the Leap 'N Learn identity and contribute to its strength!

A note about Leap 'N Learn branding —

The Leap 'N Learn identity detailed on this page are for use by current Leap 'N Learn licensed studios only. Leap 'N Learn members must follow all guidelines when publicizing their relationship with Leap 'N Learn. Leap 'N Learn reserves the right to withdraw permission to use any Leap 'N Learn marketing materials at any time if the usage is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Leap 'N Learn.

Leap 'N Learn Logos

As a member studio, you may use any of the following Leap 'N Learn logos. Horizontal and vertical logos in both standard and greyscale colors are provided so that they may seamlessly be integrated into your studio's branding. Please let us know if you are in need of any other file formats. 

  • Horizontal Logo — Standard
    Download jpg or gif
  • Horizontal Logo — Black + White
    Download jpg or gif
  • Vertical Logo — Standard
    Download jpg or gif
  • Vertical Logo — Black + White
    Download jpg or gif

Guidelines for using Leap 'N Learn logos —

  • Always use current LNL logos; never use outdated LNL logos.
  • Always maintain original logo designs; never change ratios or colors. 
  • Horizontal logos should always be placed on a white background and be no smaller than 300 pixels wide.
  • Vertical logos may be placed on any complimentary background (white, colored, or image) and should be no smaller than 175 pixels wide. 
  • All logos should maintain at least a 30 pixel padding or clear zone.
  • No modifications may be made to LNL logos (i.e., borders, added text).
  • All licensed LNL studios should have a LNL logo visible on its website globally and/or on content-specific pages. 
    • Globally — In the footer of the website so that it appears in the same place on every page. 
    • Content-Specific — On any pages describing the Leap 'N Learn program and/or Leap 'N Learn dance classes. 
  • LNL logos should always link to the Leap 'N Learn website.

If you have questions about the placement or usage of LNL logos, please ask us or submit a design draft for review and approval. Thank you. 

Leap 'N Learn Copy

The Leap 'N Learn copy should speak like our brand — in an educational and professional, yet friendly and approachable tone. We encourage all member studios to create their own copy about Leap 'N Learn for their website and marketing needs. Unique descriptions increase search engine optimization efforts by not having duplicate copy as another website and allow for your own interpretation of what makes Leap 'N Learn stand out and why it's a good program for your studio and its families!  

Guidelines for writing about Leap 'N Learn —

  • Always refer to our brand as Leap 'N Learn, especially in page titles, headings, and the first instances of the brand name. Occasionally, you may refer to our brand as LNL when character count is limited (i.e., when posting on Twitter) or when you're referring to LNL multiple times and have already used the full brand name.  
  • Any references about the Leap 'N Learn program, classes, exercises, or materials must be credited whether on your website, social media, or marketing materials (e.g., if you're writing about our monthly objectives or movement concepts, you can say "Leap 'N Learn's monthly objective of class etiquette and format.." or "We're exploring place and size this month in our Leap 'N Learn dance classes!").
  • Use correct grammar and spelling; be sure to proofread! Our Dance Terms + Definitions handout may be a useful resource for checking french spellings and accents.
  • Keep your writing consistent. If you haven't created your own brand + style guide or don't follow a common style guide (e.g., AP Style, MLA), we recommend creating writing guidelines for certain common scenarios (i.e., whether to use numerals or spell out numbers, when to use hyphens, etc. | e.g., 7-year-olds vs. seven year olds).
  • To make your copy most effective, write concisely and clearly. Use accurate descriptions and don't overcomplicate your language. Never use slang or copied text. Write as though you are talking to a parent at your studio — it will keep things business-like, yet natural and conversational.